"AJ is brilliant! She comes up with outfits that she thinks I might wear, and it’s things that I wouldn’t necessarily be brave enough to wear on my own or when I go out."


"You really worked so hard and have got me some amazing stuff. Thanks for your exceptional talent, taste and hard work!!!"

Anthony, London

"I loved everything from last time and really liked the fact that it was complete outfits and all went together."

Ali, Hertfordshire

"I had a great time on Saturday and am really pleased with my purchases! In fact, I’m wearing my new skirt suit today! Thanks once again for making it such a great day."

Louise, Bristol

"Just a brief note to say many thanks for Saturday.  We spent most of Sunday sorting my wardrobe out and sending clothes to the charity shop.  I have some great new stuff – Louise was suitably impressed!"

David, Bristol

"I had a fabulous time with you on Saturday and haven't stopped talking about it since!!"

Alexandra, Liverpool

"Thanks very much for everything. I got great stuff, it was all worth it, you did a wonderful job."

Annie, Madrid

"Thanks so much again for all your help. My mum is delighted I've finally moved on from tomboy! It was a real eye-opener and sooooo helpful.  I cannot thank you enough."

Roisin, Jersey

"There are some days when I want to stand on the corner and shout 'AJ KNIGHT IS MY BEST FRIEND!!!!'  OMG! OMG!  My new outfits are drawing attention. It is really quite remarkable - I can't remember the last time I had received compliments so frequently"

Robert, Richmond

"Just wanted to say a big thank you for everything, I can't wait to start wearing my new stuff! It was a really well planned day out and I enjoyed it a lot! Also thanks for your patience and attention to me, - from where I was to where I am now - what a great journey!"

Alan, Brighton

"I am very happy with everything I got, cannot thank you enough for all your help over the past month or so, it has been amazing and you have been absolutely fantastic. The work you put in before we met - I haven't expressed how grateful I am for that and how worthwhile this experience has been."

Daniel, London

"The shopping day was great, really enjoyed it. The clothes have made a big difference, personally and professionally, I'm really enjoying my new wardrobe, and want to keeping adding to it."

Scott, London

"Thank you for the really unique experience. You opened my eyes to so many new styles that I would have not even considered. A BIG THANK YOU…"

Nasrin, London