Wardrobe Sort
How to Wear

Wardrobe Sort

It doesn’t have to be this way – cluttered, impractical and groaning with fashion faux pas. I will come to your home and help you with a simple clearout of your wardrobe. This will reveal genuine surprises and streamline your options, leaving the items that still work. It is also a cathartic experience – out with the old, and in with the creating of space for your exciting, new additions.

How To Wear

My clients find this session very beneficial after their shopping day. With so many exciting purchases it is often easy to forget what goes well together. I will come to your house to show, or remind you, how to put all of your new items together (with existing items in your wardrobe). This will open your eyes to the many different and surprising ways to wear your outfits. You will have the opportunity to take photos of what works together to refer back to in the future.